Command Category Description
help Main Display the help embed with all the commands.
setup Main Starts a process to add your birth date and timezone.
clear Main Remove your current birth date and timezone.
birthday Main Replies with the birthday & timezone you have set.
server Main Replies with the birthday & timezone you have set.
birthdays <Today/Month> Main Find out the birthdays set in a certain month or today.
invite Miscellaneous Links you to the bot invite and support server.
premium Miscellaneous View bot premium information.
vote Miscellaneous Help to support the bot by voting!
voted Miscellaneous Check when you last voted.
voted <@User/UserID> Miscellaneous Check when someone last voted.
votes Miscellaneous Display a list of all the top 10 bot voters
stats Miscellaneous Shows all the relevant operational data of the bot.
ping Miscellaneous Responds with the bots ping.
set Restricted Commands (Admins Only) Sets the channel where birthday announcements will be sent.
delchan Restricted Commands (Admins Only) Delete the set announcement channel.
role Restricted Commands (Admins Only) Designate a role to users when their birthday is announced.
delrole Restricted Commands (Admins Only) Delete the assigned birthday role.
purge <UserID> Restricted Commands (Admins Only) Purge a users birthday from the database.
check <Username/ID> Restricted Commands (Admins Only) Check whether a user is still in the discord and if they have a birthday stored.
add Restricted Commands (Admins Only) Setup a users birthday for them.
message Premium Set your birthday message up.
delmessage Premium Remove the stored birthday message.